About us

Since 2005, the independent record label Jazzhaus Records, based in Freiburg, has existed with a rare starting position: The company Jazzhaus Freiburg GmbH unites not only the label, but also the venue Jazzhaus and the booking agency Jazzhaus Artists under one roof, and draws strength from synergies. "Having your own venue is an exception for a record company," says CEO Michael Musiol. In times when many record companies are closing down, Jazzhaus Records is growing. The music publisher Jazzhaus Music Publishing GmbH & Co KG also contributes to this. Contacts are maintained through the individual departments and artists are also won to longterm partnerships.

The label Jazzhaus Records is characterized by versatility. It cultivates cooperation with artists from a wide variety of musical genres. The range of pop, rock, blues, folk, hip-hop and jazz music includes internationally renowned bands and artists as well as newcomers.

Jazzhaus Records has gained an extraordinary reputation worldwide as an independent record company in recent years. With its digital and physical distribution partners, the label offers artists in many European countries, but also in the USA or Japan an excellent platform for their quality music.

With albums by Schmidbauer Pollina Kälberer, Dream Catcher, Aline Frazão or Fools Garden, the record company has achieved international charts success, also with the recent album "Canzoni Segrete" by Pippo Pollina .