Schmidbauer Pollina Kälberer

Germany, Italy

The album "Süden II" of Schmidbauer Pollina Kälberer is not an continuation of a successful concept, it is a new start in the spirit of commonality.

The songs have been fully developed by the three experienced artists. The arrangements are subtle, seem transparent, graceful, in places very private, then offset again with strings and a pinch of pop.

It's a special mix. Pippo Pollina is a modern Italian Cantautore with a love for this kind of pathos, as they are known from the French chanson. Werner Schmidbauer combines the ambitious Bavarian singer-songwriting with the tradition of American Folk, and finally Martin Kälberer who is a multi-instrumentalist.

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Süden II

release date: 25.01.19

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