Listentojules always seems to be in motion, a bit like the pearls in a kaleidoscope. Each song is a colored crystal fragment, skilfully arranged and combined by Jules and her band on the album "Kaleidoscope" – and that kaleidoscope forms an acoustic and organic listening pleasure. The record will be released on June 30th, 2023 on Jazzhaus Records and is the artist's second album after her debut "Greenbird" in 2018.

"I like the title. A kaleidoscope usually has many small, colorful particles that align and change to create a colorful picture - once rotated, everything is different and newly mixed. Everything is in constant motion – a change that brings new beauty,” she says. But Jules is not interested in short-term refreshment, but in real change that turns the system upside down. Like many young activists, she is concerned with systemic change, since the current way we deal with our environment is simply not acceptable - this aspect is a central focus of the new album.

listentojules expresses the world apart from black and white on her album. On the other hand, the connections in the world are complex and form a deeply intertwined network. In this, musically as well as personally, the artist combines dazzling, calm, emotional, warm and organic fragments. Fragments that create a picture in which everyone can discover new possibilities for themselves - if you only dare to turn the kaleidoscope upside down and accept the following change.

Jules - vocals, guitars
Konrad Hinsken - Wurlitzer, piano, prophet, moog
Florin Küppers - guitars, fx
Julian Maier-Hauff - horns
Adrian Bauer - bass
Julian Losigkeit - drums, percussion


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release date: 30.06.23

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