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Some of the best stories are written by life itself. Just like Fools Garden’s, the band who pushed Take That from first rank on the “Bravo” charts, shared change rooms with Justin Timberlake and danced the Polonaise with the Spice Girls in Tokyo.

One might think: Anyone who has achieved all of this could sit back, put up their feet and rest on what has been achieved… far from it: the two masterminds Peter Freudenthaler and Volker Hinkel still feel an irresistible desire to write new songs, record albums and to go on tour. The two of them created over 140 songs throughout their 30/year band history. CAPTAIN … COAST IS CLEAR is the name of their new and eleventh studio album.

All in all, it seems as if the band, despite or maybe because of the pandemic challenges, has run into top form and thus, with CAPTAIN… COAST IS CLEAR, created a piece of art that offers a track for every musical taste. Therefore, the band can hardly wait to bring these songs that were created during a unique, historical time, live on stage to sing them together with fans from near and far.

Booking: A.S.S. Concerts



ES - Madrid, Ifema Festival



DE - Pforzheim, CCP, Gala Fools Garden Festival



DE - Pforzheim, Kulturhaus Osterfeld, Fools Garden Festival



DE - Pforzheim, Kulturhaus Osterfeld, Fools Garden Festival

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Captain... Coast Is Clear

release date: 26.11.21

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