Tini Thomsen


A good piece of rocking jazz, miles away from an academic approach but with a good shot of euphoric guitar and down to earth energy instead. Here the band "Tini Thomsen MaxSax brings its own nuanced, powerfully stylistic sophistication. "Just moving up a gear," says Tini Thomsen. One woman and one saxophone a match made in heaven In the hands of Katharina " Thomsen, the baritone saxophone a rather massive, heavy inst rument, after all attains a sonic beauty definitely worth listening to. The spectrum ranges from robust, resounding rhythms to versatile melody parts and fast paced, earthy solos and occasionally! on to excursions into the more tender and b alladesque Considering that the instrument is a rarity among male musicians, the combination Thomsen " holds membership both nationally and internationally to a small and exclusive group of such " It is even more fortunate that, in Nigel Hitchcoc k on alto saxophone, she has found the perfect counterpart not only musically, but privately as well.

The album "Horses & Cranes" will be released March 26th. 

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Horses & Cranes

release date: 26.03.21

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