Teresa Bergman

New Zealand

From Berlin busking queen to boundary-pushing studio artist. New Zealand’s exceptional vocalist, composer and producer is releasing her third studio album - ‘33, Single & Broke’. The album's title track and first single arrives April 29. 2022. ‘33, Single & Broke’ – a title and statement in one – this is poetic discourse pop at its best. Teresa Bergman’s third album angles back to her folk-roots, yet maintains the complexity and genre-breaking originality we’ve come to expect from this dynamic artist. 

This record is organic. Warm acoustic guitar is joined by dreamy piano, slick drums, and a ‘beatle-esque’ Rickenbacker bass. Glistening, emotive chanson and Bergman’s clear and soulful voice take the listener back to Laurel Valley California in the 70s. At the same time, we’re treated to an edgy, modern soundscape – pulsating synths, a Roland 808 drum machine, experimental percussion and lush backing vocals allude to Fiona Apple or Sophie Hunger. 

It’s the mix that makes it - and the voice. Bergman continues to use her impressive control and vocal versatility to tell stories in the most natural way. Teresa Bergman is clear in her message. She wants to create more awareness for everyday pressures felt by women in their thirties. She lends her voice to breed solidarity, to break down taboos. Bergman does this with a melodic lightness fit for cruising and grooving, whilst underpinned her songs with an elegant sense of dark irony. Teresa Bergman - courageous, contagious folk-pop.

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DE - Potsdam, Nikolaisaal Potsdam mit Babelsberger Filmorchester

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33, Single & Broke

release date: 07.10.22

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