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With her powerful, expressive, honey-burnt voice, Ina Forsman has performed her repertoire of self-written songs on both sides of the Atlantic. Forsman's vast musical pallet intersects soul, blues, jazz & R&B. “In this kinda music, the emotions are so vivid, you can almost touch them with your bare hands. That's something I appreciate in music and other artists, to hear and feel those emotions and the authenticity of it all when it doesn't sound forced or too perfected and planned," says Ina.

After two albums, the Finnish artist decided in 2019 to depart her native Helsinki home to start a new life in Berlin. Since this time, Ina Forsman music has continued to explore a more soulful direction; whilst persuing her definitive sound. 

With Forsman's latest project, the talented Finn has added many strings to her bow. “I’m definitely trying to get out of my comfort zone all of the time. I’m trying to build myself to become the best musician I can be. Right now, I’ve been focusing on songwriting, and producing,” Ina says. 

Along with the release of a few singles during the spring, the full album will follow in summer 2022. Ina says: "Right now, my main focus is on releasing new music, and setting a new tempo for my artistry and bringing it to people because I think it's going to be something a bit different to what they've heard before from me."



DE - Ludwigsburg, Scala



FI - Helsinki, G-Livelab



FI - Tampere, G-Livelab



FI - Espoo, Sellosali



FR - Saint-Arnoult en Yvelines, Jazz a Toute Heure

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