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Cécile Verny Quartet  -
"Of Moons And Dreams"

The album "Of Moons And Dreams" is an album with brilliant songs, an album on which the title is not simply a “place filler”, an album on which ballads and straight groove numbers work together seamlessly, an album which you would rather not ever take out of the player, because you have become addicted to it.  Admittedly, this is rare, but sometimes it just so happens to be true. When it comes down to the question of whether to call this jazz-pop or pop-jazz, well ultimately, that is irrelevant.

The album "Of Moons And Dreams" of Cécile Verny Quartet will be released on the 17th of May2019.


Marc Amacher  - "Roadhouse"

Roadhouse“, the new album by blues-rocker Marc Amacher, pulls the listener into that kind of cathartic environment, where all bets are off and rules are made to be broken. It's an explosive collection of 13 songs by a musician whose deep connection to blues tradition doesn't prevent him from pushing the boundaries of the genre. The album is a reflection of those very high standards, which he applies to himself as well as others. A blues-rock artist on the rise, Amacher has put every bit of himself into making this album – one that positively sizzles with the pure power of the blues.

The album "Roadhouse" of Marc Amacher will be released on the 18th of April 2019.


Schmidbauer Pollina Kälberer  - "Süden II"

The album "Süden II" of Schmidbauer Pollina Kälberer is not an continuation of a successful concept, it is a new start in the spirit of commonality.

The songs have been fully developed by the three experienced artists. The arrangements are subtle, seem transparent, graceful, in places very private, then offset again with strings and a pinch of pop.

It's a special mix. Pippo Pollina is a modern Italian Cantautore with a love for this kind of pathos, as they are known from the French chanson. Werner Schmidbauer combines the ambitious Bavarian singer-songwriting with the tradition of American Folk, and finally Martin Kälberer who is a multi-instrumentalist.

"We do not interfere with each other, we enrich each other and that is something special, it is also our claim that we do not limit ourselves locally and artistically, but want to bring together what we think it does not exclude, "says Martin Kälberer.

The album "Süden II" by Schmidbauer Pollina Kälberer will be released on the 25th of January 2019.


fatsO  - "One By One"

Bassist, Singer and song writer, Daniel Restrepo, releases the second studio album “One by One” for his jazz rooted band fatsO. Presenting nine original tracks, Restrepo blends memorable melodies and thoughtful lyrics reaffirming the band’s trademark: a unique vocal identity with vintage, mournful and delicate harmonies played by a rare musical format that’s has showed to be too difficult to catalog in traditional genres.

The album „One by One“ will be released on October 19th, 2018 .


Mojo Makers - "Songs of the Sirens"

The Mojo Makers are from Denmark but somehow they managed to extract the basic elements and knowledge of the American music and make it into something of their own. When you listen to the album „Songs of the Sirens“ you can understand why some critics have called them the new Nordic generation of blues.

Watch the video of the first single called "Bless my Soul" which was relleased on May 25th!!

The album „Songs of the Sirens“ will be released on September 21st, 2018 .


Aline Frazão - "Dentro Da Chuva"

If you take a closer look at the Portuguese music scene of 2018, it is precisely artists from the former African colonies who have been enormously enriching the country's musical and poetic spectrum for some years now. Angolan Aline Frazão is one of them. Mythical images of the rain, sometimes dance-like, sometimes ballad-like memories of Angola's landscapes, a chanson that mutates into a bossa, a transatlantic cello and images of nature made with Cape Verdean strings: these are just some of the ingredients for her third work "Dentro Da Chuva", on which the singer / Songwriter draws wonderfully dazzling soundtracks on the Atlantic Ocean.

The album „Dentro Da Chuva“ will be released on September 21st, 2018 .


Ayça Miraç - "Lazjazz"

The Black Sea has always been a melting pot of cultures, a fascinating network of tones that is unknown to us. Along with her quintet, the young Jazz singer Ayça Miraç leads us into this world and connects it to the here and now: on her touching debut "Lazjazz" she spans a unique sound bridge between the centuries - from the cultures of the Laz and Mingrelian to the Bosphorus and onward to Bill Evans.

The album „Lazjazz“ of Ayça Miraç will be released on September 21st, 2018 .


Bahur Ghazi - "Bidaya"

Musical journeys between the Orient and the Alps are now part of the basic vocabulary of the globalized world. However, the Syrian composer and oud player Bahur Ghazi spans a two-way bridge: from his new home, he combines the cosmopolitan creativity of the Swiss jazz scene with the magic of an oasis city, and he spans a fascinating arc from ancient pictures to the bitter present of Syria.

The album "Bidaya" will be released on June 15th!


Curly Strings - "Hoolima"

A small country with a wide musical palette: in Estonia there is a wide scope for unusual sounds between the Poles Arvo Pärt and the festivals with mass choirs. Folk, which has the status of pop amongst the youth scene, is currently being completely renovated - and with the quartet Curly Strings, it is being spiced up with a decent pinch of bluegrass. The woman and three men are one of the most surprising facets of the new sounds in the Baltic States.

The album "Hoolima" will be released on June 15th!


Etta Scollo - "Il passo interiore"

Language and music, the poetic word and the composed sound: for Etta Scollo, the two have been making ever-new blossoming partnerships ever since she took up poems by her compatriot Rosa Balisteri in 2005 with "Canta Ro". Never before, however, has the Sicilian molded language in such a comprehensive way, from so many different sources, into a sonorous form as in her new work: on "Il passo interiore" she accompanies man on his inner journey - a journey with texts from half a millennium, which possess philosophical, spiritual and evermore humanistic traits.

Here is are trailer of the new album. "Il passo interiore" will be released on May 4th!

Etta Scollo - Il Passo Interiore Cover web.jpg

Fools Garden - "Rise And Fall"

On their tenth studio album, the 1991 originating band Fools Garden, presents themselves as very mature and versatile. Their current album "Rise and Fall" offers a variety of songs, which not only show themselves very independently, but also maintain classic-timeless qualities in composition, interpretation and arrangement.

"This time we let a very special discipline prevail in writing the songs,” says singer Peter Freudenthaler.  “A song could not be set aside until it was fully complete in its structure, so that it could later be recorded in our own studio.”

The album "Rise And Fall" of Fools Garden will be released by Jazzhaus Records on Friday 20th April 2018 worldwide!


Danny Bryant - "Revelation"

Danny Bryant is pleased to announce his highly anticipated new studio album “Revelation” – released by Jazzhaus Records on Friday 20th April 2018. “Sister Decline”, the first track taken from the new album, is now available as an instant grat track on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Danny Bryant's fourth studio album to be produced by Richard Hammerton, following in the footsteps of 2015’s Blood Money and 2014’s Temperature Rising, the new album is one of Danny’s most personal and emotional albums of his career.

“When I began writing this album, I knew that it was going to be one of the toughest challenges of my career,” says Danny Bryant. “It wasn't lack of material, it wasn't a lack of desire, but I realised from the beginning that, if this record was to achieve the things I wanted it to say, I would have to go deep inside of myself with these songs and confront memories and emotions I didn't really want to face.”


Martin Kälberer - "Baltasound"

It was quite important to Martin Kälberer, to as comprehensively as possible be responsible for the generation of the sounds himself.  "Baltasound" refines this approach to the all encompassing compositional moment, that holds the music together beyond the individual pieces: "Let's see where this leads me! I think that I was looking for myself a bit on past albums. I worked a lot with improvisation, let it flow. This was a real compositional process in which my own style was created. I would like to reach the normal music lover, not make especially complex music.” For this reason, Martin Kälberer has driven to the end of the world and back, to elicit the vibes of loneliness from the fine and profound sound of a Globetrotter of music.

The album "Baltasound" will be released february 23rd 2018!


Carrousel - "Filigrane"

Three years after «L'euphorie» and a tour with over 200 shows Carrousel are back on the 29th of September with their new album «Filigrane».

«Filigrane» consists of twelve tracks and persuades with originality and diversity - be it optimistic and direct («C’est la vie»), with chansonesque charm («Elle danse») or peppered with hooks that cling to the ear («Plus de couleurs»). The latter track was ennobled by a heavyweight of the pop scene, Michael Ilbert (Boy, Clueso, Mighty Oaks, Philipp Dittberner, Herbert Grönemeyer, Bosse), in the established Hansa Studios in Berlin.

Check the tour daters of Carrousel right here!


Danny Bryant - "Big"

"Big" is the realization of a dream that has accompanied the British blues guitarist and singer Danny Bryant since the beginning of his career.

The dream of recording his songs live with a 9-piece big band was put into reality. The charismatic musician presented his songs to his audience at three exclusive shows in Germany and the Netherlands, supported by keyboards, bass, drums, rhythm guitar and a 4-piece brass section.

The concerts were recorded by Danny Bryant's producer Richard Hammerton, who was also responsible for the last three studio albums. The result is so brilliant that the album will be released in physical format as a double live CD and on vinyl on 21 April 2017. Danny will celebrate the release with three big-band shows in Belfast, Edinburgh and London at the end of April.


Dream Catcher - "Vagabonds"

They are still being talked about as the underdogs, but anyone who has had an eye on the schedules of smaller venues in the past few years has probably already heard of Dream Catcher. The hard-working tour band can look back on eighteen years of band history – as a trio, quartet and sestet.

By now the career of the dream catchers has taken a rather cosmopolitan turn: During the past years they have toured in Canada, the United States, Japan, Singapore and played in almost every city in Europe. So the name of their new album „Vagabonds“ seems like a logical conclusion. The 12 songs on it are showing off the combos incredible variety, magnificently staged by the yong, Irish producer Sean Graham. The album will be released on February 21st.

Dream Catcher are combining the roughness of pub folk rock à la Pogues and the timelessness of acoustic pop ballads – a big discovery from our small neighbours.


Pippo Pollina - "Il sole che verrà"

With his new work “Il sole che verrà”, the sicilian Pippo Pollina has managed a wonderful new, dazzling cycle of songs. His theme is hope in times of spiraling violence – a hope that must come from art.

There are likely very few amongst the Mediterranean songwriters, for whom every verse becomes a dance. A dance, that releases a flood of touching images, imaginative yearning and fulfillment, sorrow and fortune.

The upcoming album "Il sole che verrà" of Pippo Pollina will be released January 13th!

Please check the tourdates on this page!


Ezio - "Daylight Moon"

The fact that this band, named after their frontman, Ezio, has not long found a permanent place in the international charts, is due in part to many of their gems, from time to time seeming similar to various bands of rock history, without ever being guilty of plagiarism. Often times, it’s a sense of Dèjá-Vu in just a few chords, and Lunedei & Fowell always return to their greatest love, the acoustic Folksong, from which they, however, have expelled all form of folkloric.

In other words, Ezio makes wonderfully vexing music. Ezio is something different than the rest and pleasantly unpredictable.

The upcoming album "Daylight Moon" will be released on November 18th!


Vdelli - "Out Of The Sun"

Rock music! Timeless, powerful, dynamic, melodic and varied: It takes only a few adjectives to describe the musical world of the Australian trio Vdelli. Anyone who has ever experienced the band built around frontman Michael Vdelli on stage or at least owns one (or better several) of their albums, knows the unbridled energy of the group, their relentless line of approach and unwavering Rock ’n’ Roll attitude. "Out Of The Sun" is both the logical continuation of their 2015 release "Higher" and also brings a vitality and downright exuberant rock piñata with addictive effect.

The album "Out Of The Sun" will be released on October 21st!


Moon Trio - "Earth-Time"

Those who love his lyrical style and clear piano sound will be pleased by this new release Jeroen van Vliet and his Moon Trio: Earth – Time. Van Vliet's recognisable sound with simple (but strong) emotional melodies, enriched with electronic effects on both piano and on bass creates a groovy sound and rhythm due to a perfect understanding with Mark Schilder's drums and Cord Heineking's bass. A trio, coming from the Moon, looking for Earth. Jeroen van Vliet about his Moon Trio: “. I wanted it to be groovy, but still to stay close to the acoustic piano sound; with simple, but emotional yet groovy pieces.”

"Earth-Time" will be released on October 7th!

The Brew - "Shake The Tree"

The Brew, hailing from the northern english coastal town of Grimsby are unique with their brand of modern Rock with psychedelic touches and they step back onto the scene with their new album, "Shake The Tree". Over the course of a month they crafted ten songs that comprise this sixth album that has effectively outgrown any comparisons.

Straight forward Rock n' Roll music and a Jason Barwick on top of his game! „Shake The Tree“ is is an open invitation to do just that until the fruit falls down, to take matters into your own hands, in short an ode to life and living itself.

The album will be released on September 23rd!

THE BREW-ShakeTheTree_Cover-web.jpg

Aline Frazã- "Insular"

The latest album "Insular" of Aline Frazão was recorded with the British producer Giles Perring and the guitar player Pedro Geraldes on the Scottish Isle of Jura. The album includes collaborations with the Angolan poet Ana Paula Tavares and the Portuguese rapper Capicua, as well as a cover version of Rosita Palma’s “Susana” which features Toty Sa’Med. "Insular" will be released on April 22nd.

Here are the upcoming tourdates of Aline Frazão.


fatsO - "On Tape"

The Blues of Bogotá is on the rise in our latitudes? Sounds a bit crazy, and it is. Direct from the Colombian capital penetrates - amongst all the salsa, rock and electronic sounds – a raspy voice, that causes the ground to tremble. Daniel Restrepo causes with his combo fatsO a leverage of Latin clichés, and offsets the Andes to the middle of the southern continent. Celebrated in their home country, the exciting septet is preparing to make their leap to Europe.

"On Tape" will be released on March 24th! Check the tourdates and also the video of the single "It's getting bad"!


Danny Bryant - "Blood Money"

On "Blood Money", Danny Bryant set out to record an album that showed an introspective return to his roots and an appreciation of his blues influences, by paying homage, as he puts it “to all the different influences and flavors of this wonderful music that I have loved for many years.”

"Blood Money" is featuring Bernie Marsden and Walter Trout and will be released on January 29th!


Carrousel - "L'euphorie"

What happens when a singer and multi-instrumentalist from the land of “savoir vivre” teams up with a male counterpart of the "happiest country in the world" (World Happiness Report 2015)? A pretty large portion of endorphins should be distributed to the audience, right?  With Sophie Léonard and Gogniat Burande this is, in fact, the case. Carrousel, who has, from the Swiss Jura, strongly mixed up the Neo-Chanson scene, is now releasing their new, third work and have very confidently named it L’Euphorie

"L'Euphorie"  of Carrousel will be released on January 29th!


Daniel Zamir - "Forth and Back"

The 35-year-old saxophonist and composer, Daniel Zamir, has left behind this realm of the unknown. Over the past decade, he has become one of the most important virtuosos in Israel. With his 11th CD release, yet his first with a German label, comes the opportunity to get to know the man from Petah Tikva, one of the most amazing representatives of Jewish Jazz.

The album "Forth and Back" will be released on Noember 13th!


Randy Hansen - "Funtown"

On his upcoming tour Randy Hansen will play a mixture of a "Jimi Hendrix Classic Show" and songs he wrote himself for his first studio album release titled Funtown in over eleven years. On the album the guitarist and singer surprises you with spherical sounds à la Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, and also innovative sounds à la Jimi Hendrix.

Here are the tour dates!


Vdelli - "Higher"

Higher. The name suggests a continuous ascent. Like being halfway up a mountain and taking the next leg of the journey toward the summit. Or having a good buzz on when the band kicks in and transports you to another dimension.

That kind of upward movement is what Vdelli's fifth international release for Jazzhaus Records is all about. "Artistically," says Vdelli, "I feel we've achieved our goal of producing something fresh and energetic that has progressed from our last effort. So now we wait and see how it is received by the people. I can’t wait to be on the road playing these songs live!".

The album will be released at 27nd February 2015!


Scollo con Cello - "Tempo al Tempo"

Tempo al Tempo is the new jewel in the crown of the versatile Sicilian musician Etta Scollo. A wreath in which are embedded works crossing all kinds of music. With this work the dialogue continues with a new companion, the cello, an instrument that in the capable hands of Susanne Paul becomes the other voice of a duet, a pas de deux to make a sincere, intense and sometimes ironic homage to the measure of our becoming: Time.

The album "Tempo al Tempo" will be released at 27nd February 2015!

Scollo con Cello_Cover_web.jpg

Bernard Allison - "In The Mix"

Bernard Allison is back with a new studio album called "In The Mix" after six years. The guitarist / singer started to release albums in 1990 and is now presenting his 13th Opus since then. This recent recording of the son of the legendary blues musician Luther Allison (1939-1997), who once learned his instrumental skills with Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan, includes ten tracks.

The album will be released at 16th January 2015!


Cécile Verny Quartet - "Memory Lane"

After 25 years of worldwide success, the Cécile Verny Quartet is topping of their career with a magnificent reflection.  The four musicians presented their audience with a thrilling silver anniversary celebration on the stage of Jazzhaus Freiburg on a hot Whit Monday.  Two brilliant birthday concerts are now available as a recording on CD and DVD. The "Memory Lane" holds in every level great musicality, unbridled joy, deep soul and improvisational ingenuity. With this recording, Cécile Verny and her three confidantes, prove once again that they belong on the forefront of today’s European Jazz scene.

The live album and DVD  "Memory Lane" will be released at 14th November 2014!


Eric Sardinas and Big Motor - "Boomerang"

Releasing “Boomerang” 3 years after the release of their last album “Sticks & Stones”, Eric Sardinas and Big Motor are presenting their debut to the Freiburger Jazzhaus-Label. “That is one reason, why I have waited with my original release-idea. I had wanted to do four mini-releases with 5 songs each over the course of the year. But after discussing it with Jazzhaus, I decided to deliver a compact collection of 10 songs on one CD,” tells Sardinas as he lets us behind the scenes.

The album "Boomerang" will be released at 24th October2014!


TOS - "Home"

Musically, TOS are continuing on the forthcoming album "Home" with what they have promisingly started on the predecessor "Idiom" in 2012: handmade rock - soulful and honest, edgy and rough. The thirteen new songs could have been easily written by Coldplay, Kings of Leon or 30 Seconds To Mars, but they are entirely composed by TOS: "We are four guys with their instruments and their feelings," says Brauchle. The band has progressed without changing the essence.

The album "Home" will be released at 26th September 2014!


Delilahs - "Past True Lust"

"Past True Lust" is a dramatic, cleverly orchestrated album that consciously focuses on mood swings. High-energy, penetrating power pop crossed with contemplative moments. Whether loud or soft: the Delilahs songs have power and energy. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will recognize that Muriel Rhyner has matured into a sensitive writer who certainly puts across critical thoughts about both themselves and their generation.

The album "Past True Lust" will be released at 26th September 2014!


Brothers of Santa Claus - "Navigation"

Germany based Brothers of Santa Claus’ debut album ‘Navigation’ is a creation of the most authentic collection of music to date. The young band spent many hours, days and weeks in the studio with producer Zeus B. Held.

Beginning with unplugged street music they moved onto their own electro-acoustic pop sound, eventually adding electronic and sound design influences. The minimalistic straightforwardness of their song writing gives the band its distinct edge. A simple guitar lick enriched with a subtle groove embellishes the melancholic and expressive voice of Maximillain Bischofberger.

The album "Navigation" will be released at 26th September 2014!

Brothers Of Santa Claus-Navigation_Cover_web.jpg

Danny Bryant - "Temperature Rising"

“I Know it’s a common cliché but I truly believe this is my best ever work. I am more proud of this record than anything I have ever done. I invested more emotion, blood, sweat and tears on this project then ever before.” Danny Bryant

If Danny’s previous album ‘Hurricane’ was notable for pairing Danny Bryant’s best ever songs with Richard Hammerton’s expansive production, then ‘Temperature Rising’ is the closest he’s come to nailing a defining blues rock recording.

The album "Temperature Rising" will be released at  29th August 2014!


Vdelli - "Live & On Fire"

"Live & On Fire", the new Vdelli live album, was recorded live at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough, Western Australia in November 2013, "Live & On Fire" is the group's first live album featuring the current line-up with Michael Vdelli on guitar and vocal, Ric Whittle on drums and Leigh Miller on bass and backing vocal.

"Live & On Fire" contains songs from the previous studio albums Never Going Back, Take A Bite and Ain't Bringing Me Down, plus the two previously unreleased songs Newtown and Tapestry Of Randomjams.

Check out the video of Change The View:


Lariba - "Walking Pa'lante"

A gutsy mixture of Latin jazz and hip hop. The Lariba sound is meant to be partied to and can be compared to Orishas or Jovanotti. Bandleader David Stauffacher agrees, but adds: "Our sound is more complex".

On the freshest album the band members sing and rap in five different languages: Brazilian, Spanish, English, Italian and Swiss German. The album "Walking Pa'lante" will be released on 25th April 2014!!


The King - "Return to Gravelands"

Words cannot express the magic of a voice such as James Brown aka “The King”. When he did the vocals to the original “Gravelands” (1998) album it sounded and felt like a perfect voice bringing back the soul and spirit of Elvis within the context of great popular songs by such artists as John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury as well as the Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Peppers. His version of “Come as you are” entered many international charts and playlists. With the follow up “Return to Splendour” and a string of well received con-certs, The King and his music created a big fan base, topped many radio charts and were and always will be a great live sensation.

The album "Return to Gravelands" will be released at  28th March 2014!


Mamadou Diabate - "Masaba Kan"

"A huge, colorful mosaic, in which all the bricks have the freedom to change their position, color and shape" – this is how Mamadou Diabaté sees the world. The balafon player from Burkina Faso lives out this belief with his entire heart and soul: deeply rooted in the centuries old Griot culture of West Africa, he revives them with new flashes of inspiration from Pop, Jazz and Funk.  His new album “Masaba Kan” makes the mosaic of Burkina Faso shimmer in a new and exciting splendor.

The album "Masaba Kan" will be released at  28th March 2014!


The Brew - "Control"

Hailing from the city of Grimsby, England, The Brew (UK) has gone from strength to strength since the release of their international breakthrough The Joker in 2008. With two subsequent studio projects and a powerhouse live album, this award-winning trio has grown into one of Europe's most potent rock acts, combining the musicianship of classic rock with youthful energy and a brash, contemporary outlook. With "Control", their newest studio effort, they have raised the bar and created easily their boldest and most confident recording to date.

The the video of the first single "Repeat"!

The album "Control" will be released at  20th February 2014!


Simin Tander - "Where water travels home"

Simin Tander is one of the most amazing personalities in young European jazz. With her enchantingly tender and equally expressive, masterful voice Simin Tander builds bridges between occidental jazz and arabesque-like vocal flights, between song-writing experiment, chanson and intimate ballad. Along with her quartet, the German-Afghan singer draws a fascinating route to her Mid-Eastern heritage and into the depths of her soul in her second CD.

The album "Where water travels home" will be released at  28th February 2014!

Simin Tander_Where Water Travels Home_Cover_web.jpg

Etta Scollo - "Lunaria"

Etta Scollo has created with the album “Lunaria” a musical interpretation of the novel of the same name to commemorate the recently deceased famous Italian writer Vincenzo Consolo.

The album "Lunaria" will be released at  28th February 2014!


Pippo Pollina - "L`appartenenza"

Finding a “home” in music is not a new topic in the times of globalization. The Sicilian-native Pippo Pollina knows this desire.  A Swiss by choice, he is however, repeatedly returning to his origins, in constant search of belonging.  This is called “L’appartenenza” in his native language.  A stunning, eloquent piece of work, in which, he reflects in a thousand different facets on his aspirations, memories and experiences.

The album “L’appartenenza” will be released on 17th January 2014.

Pippo_Pollina_L appartenenza_Coverweb.jpg

Bergitta Victor - "On A Journey"

"I am constantly traveling as a person and as a musician and always will be," says Bergitta Victor. This confession to nomadism is impressively reflected on her third album: The cosmopolitan from the Seychelles has designed with Creole joie de vivre, miniatures of fragile folk pop and hand-solid roots reggae an emotional journal, where she takes a stop with enchanting to wistful love songs, with major politics and intimate states of mind.

The album "On a journey"  will be released on 20th September 2013.

Bergitta Victor - On A Journey web.jpg

Morblus - "Green Side"

Morblus stands for an explosive mix of blues, funk, soul and blues rock for more than 20 years. The Italian band led by founder Roberto Morbioli shows with their latest album "Green Side" that they are belonging to the top acts of the European blues scene. The renowned record label Jazzhaus Records demonstrates once again that they have a flair for outstanding artists. With "Green Side", Morblus presents a fantastically compact and well-balanced mix of blues, soul, funk and blues rock and proves their musical class elements to the blues and music lovers.

The album will be released on 20th September 2013.


Pippo Pollina - re-release of ten albums

Jazzhaus Records will be re-released a total of ten Pippo Pollina Cds in July and August. All albums were refreshed technically soundwise and graphically. The albums are: "Aspettando Che Sia Mattino", "Sulle Orme Del Re Minosse","Nuovi Giorni di Settembre","Le Pietre di Montsegur","Dodoci Lettre D'Amore","Il Giorno Del Falco", "Elemantare Watson", "Insieme", "Racconti Brevi", "Di Nuovo Insieme".


Danny Bryant - "Hurricane"

Previously hailed as a young guitar virtuoso, and a protégé of Walter Trout, Danny Bryant is building a formidable reputation as a leading British blues rock guitar heavyweight in his own right. On Monday 6th May, Jazzhaus Records will release his new studio album "Hurricane" in the UK.

Recorded as a power trio, the new album was produced by Richard Hammerton (Manic Street Preachers). The nine songs showcase the evolution of Bryant as both guitarist and songwriter. The album bursts with power-fueled originals, groove-driven up-tempo songs, and soulful blues ballads.

Danny Bryant Hurricane Cover.jpg

Cécile Verny Quartet - "Fear & Faith"

The latest album of the Cécile Verny Quartet is a very special album. It is a milestone in the history of the ensemble which has delivered the perfect instrumental outfit for their singer during the past 20 years. From the first idea in their heads to the final recorded note, the album is a real joint effort. That`s how music is created and matures. That`s grass-roots democracy in a very literal sense, laborious but fertile. Consequently, all members of the Cécile Verny Quartet appear in various combinations as authors in the selected twelve songs of "Fear & Faith".

The album will be released worldwide on February 22nd 2013 through Jazzhaus Records, distributed by in-akustik.

Cecile Verny Quartet_FearFaith_Cover_web.jpg

Bjørn Berge - "Mad Fingers Ball"

After having released a total of ten studio albums of which two have won a Grammy ("Stringmachine" in 2001 and "Illustrated Man" in 2002), Bjørn Berge is going to release his new album "Mad Fingers Ball" on 22 February 2013. The artist with the acoustic guitar has interpreted not only known and unknown songs for the new album in his own way; he has also mixed these with five instrumental songs written by him. On the new album the unique finger play of Bjørn Berge is shown to its fullest advantage and is reinforced by the unusually harsh and deep voice ofthe artist .


Vdelli - "Never Going Back"

With their latest album Vdelli are pushing the boundaries of blues rock and grungy blues with furious rock songs. The song's subject matters are very personal and don't hold back which adds weight to the whole production. Thesound is raw and pushes right up in one's face from the opening track "Change The View”. From there the listeneris assaulted with a barrage of super high energy Rock 'n Roll. This is not just a toe tapping album. This is a heels tothe floor and hang on affair!

"Never Going Back" will be released worldwide on February 22nd 2013 through Jazzhaus Records, distributed by in-akustik.



The Allison Burnside Express marks the first collaboration between two boundary-defying blues musicians from the USA, each of whom has successfully carried forth his respective family's musical tradition. The project is named after the two prominent artists who are its driving force: Bernard Allison (guitar, vocals) is the son of Luther Allison (1939-1997), who was famous for his rocking take on the blues, a style he originally honed backing up masters like Freddie King and Otis Rush; Cedric Burnside (guitar, vocals, drums) is the grandson of R. L. Burnside (1926-2005), whose extremely raw sound was influenced by John Lee Hooker, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Muddy Waters. As descendants and next-generation successors to these rich traditions, Bernard Allison and Cedric Burnside have teamed up to create a new kind of blues that references the work of their ancestors, but also incorporates elements of funk, R&B and soul music.

The album "Allison Burnside Eypress" will be released on the 11th January 2013. Check the dates.


Delilahs - "Greetings From Gardentown"

True, raw, cheeky, charming, multi-faceted and tons of drive: the Delilahs have returned! With loud vs quiet, ironic vs funny together with cutting undertones, a huge second album “Greetings From Gardentown” has emerged: a guitar fuelled hommage to the hometown of Zug in Switzerland. The male/female quartet of 2X2 merge together with powerful teamwork that takes sounds from the classic era of rock, and transports them into the present, without a hint of retro.

The album will be released on 12th October 2012!


THE BREW - "Live In Europe"

Anyone who's seen THE BREW UK perform live knows why calls for a live album have been growing louder and louder by the year. The breathtaking, energy-packed show this trio of rockers from Grimsby puts on drives both the band and its audiences to ecstatic heights night after night. As soon as the three members of THE BREW UK hit the stage, they put the pedal to the metal and don't let up until the last note has been played. The band is nothing if not dynamic and has wowed legions of fans with the heart, soul and authenticity they display onstage. September 21, 2012 will be the release of a brand new album called "Live in Europe". Finally, here is a recording that allows listeners to feel the unstoppable live energy of a concert by THE BREW UK inside their own four walls.


TOS - "Idiom"

After signing a deal with the record company Jazzhaus Records and the booking agency Jazzhaus Booking, TOS is going to release the studio album "Idiom" - a big word for a great music.
TOS have found themselves, they have experienced the ups and downs of the business, they have grown together to a solid group and have developed their own language - they are the "Idiom" themselves - independent and free.

On 11th May 2012 there will be the first single called "Beings" digitally released and on 8th June 2012 the album "Idiom" will follow.

Watch here the video of the single "Beings"!


Danny Bryant Redeyeband - "Night Life"

Ask Danny Bryant about the events of September 17th, 2011, and it all comes flooding back. The nerves in the morning. The soundcheck. The stampede of feet as the hardcore arrived. The snatched moments of calm in the wings, flanked by his Redeye bandmates, waiting for the compere’s announcement, and finally, the walk from the shadows into the spotlight. Night Life is branded onto his memory.

Watch the trailer here and listen to the songs and buy the DVD and CD here!

Danny Bryant - Night Life CD Cover small.jpg

Lina Button - "Homesick"

In April 2011 Lina Button was chosen as the “DRS 3 Best talent of the month”. Her debut album "Homesick" is reduced instrumentally to the essentials and is anything but boring: her voice has the necessary strength for the 12 songs which are arranged in the affectionate way of Bluespop and the compositions describe the different feelings of homesickness.

The album "Homesick" of Lina Button will be released 23rd September 2011!


The Brew - "The Third Floor"

The Brew UK, “one of the most thrilling live acts of our time“ (Rocks magazine), present their new album while on tour in Germany in October. “The Third Floor” (Jazzhaus Records/in-akustik, release: 26th August 2011) is the title of the album which was produced by the British trio in cooperation with producer Chris West (The Verve, Status Quo). The songs resemble a “mixture of old school and modern rock”, says Kurtis Smith, describing the style of the extremely homogeneous band in which he (*03/1988) plays the drums. The band is completed by his father (bass) and the even younger frontman Jason Bar-wick (*06/1989).

Order the album aright here at the shop! It`s already avalaible!


Nuevo Tango Ensamble - "D`Impulso"

The Nuevo Tango Ensamble worked for the last album “Tango Mediterraneo” together with the clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, this time they are playing together with Javier Girotto who has a good reputation as a saxophonist. The album "d'impulso" will be released at the end of May 2011.


Bergitta Victor - "Sesel"

The title suggests it already: the new album “So Happy” of the singer and songwriter Bergitta Victor is airy and sounds like springtime. She sings about love, calls the forces which are in all of us and the spirit of the community that helps us to achieve a change on this planet. Like on the previous album "Sesel" the lyrics are about her own experiences and her observations of the people around.
The album "So Happy" will be released on 29th of April! Listen to the songs at the shop!

Bergitta Victor - So Happy - Cover klein.jpg


NICOLE JO crosses boundaries between genres. Folkloric excursions to jagged Balkan melismas, gospel ballads, groove, swing and energetic outbreaks into explosive free jazz spheres. Their music floats, flirts with techno-futuristic sounds, evokes the spirit of the old blues and uses the modern sound language of the contemporary neo-bop. Nicole Jo - creating a sound all their own. The album "Go On" will be released at the end of march 2011.


Nicole Jo_GoOn_Coverklein.jpg

Bernard Allison Group - "Live at the Jazzhaus" (CD+DVD)

 "Live at the Jazzhaus" was recorded and filmed at the Jazzhaus in Freiburg in November 2010 and will be released on the 28th January 2011 on Jazzhaus Records. The record contains primarily original compositions of his last two studio album "The Otherside" and "Chills & Thrills" but also songs written by his father Luther Allison. “Live at the Jazzhaus” the best product to get an impression of the excellent qualities of the Bernard Allison Group, which is playing around 150 shows every year worldwide with their mix of blues, soul, funk and rock.

BernardAllison_Cover_Live at the Jazzhaus_klein.jpg

Vdelli - "Take a bite"

The new album "Take a bite" will be released 8th October 2010! At the same time Vdelli will be on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The insider tip from Australia, "which has at least as much energy and steam as AC / DC, but is still more complex than their countrymen" (musix), have already convinced the audience with their previous release "Ain` t brining me down" (2009, Jazzhaus Records). This album was elected by the Rocks magazine as one of the best rock albums 2009!
Here you will find sound samples of the new songs at the shop and here you can find the tour dates of the Australian guys!

VDELLI_Take A Bite_klein.jpg

John Lee Hooker Jr. - "Live in Istanbul Turkey"

His fourth CD will be released on 26 March 2010 in Germany and is called "Live in Istanbul Turkey". The album was recorded on his last tour in Istanbul.
The album contains 14 songs, a mixture of his recent albums, including three new tracks. In addition, an animated video of the song "Extramaterial Affair" which can be viewed on his website. John Lee Hooker, Jr. continues to work on the status of being the first animated superhero in the blues.
In April, John Lee Hooker Jr. is on tour!

John Lee Hooker Live Cover.jpg

The Brew - "A Million Dead Stars"

This up-and-coming British trio The Brew UK broke out internationally with 2008's highly acclaimed Album "The Joker". Seemingly overnight, the band was filling thousand-seat venues in countries like Poland and Spain and making a high-profile TV appearance on Germany's prestigious Rockpalast music programme.
On 29th January 2010 “A Million Dead Stars” will be released on Jazzhaus Records. Until now, The Brew UK has straddled a musical fence, finding friends in both the classic rock and traditional blues camps: "it's very much our own sound.". At the same time, they chose not to complicate things or get too far away from what they do onstage. "For us, it's rock 'n' roll. We live it, breathe it, sleep it and eat it.".


Bernard Allison Group - "The Otherside"

Bernard Allison`s last album appeared to the market in 2007. "Chills & Thrills" and the name was program! From soulful ballads to relax on rainy days to piercing guitar crashing to the unravelling when one runs by car late at night.
Two years later, the next stroke of genius follows: "The Otherside" will be released worldwide on 29th  January 2010. The album contains 13 songs, which demonstrates once again the huge bandwidth of Bernard Allison: This album has it all!
The new album "The Otherside" is a thoroughly enjoyable album in itself, which should inspire not only the inveterate fans!


Pippo Pollina - "Fra due Isole"

A very special event with a orchestra Pippo Pollinas celebrated his 25-year-old's anniversary: With the realization of his latest album, "Fra due isole", which will be released 23/10/2009 on Jazzhaus Records, Pippo Pollina has once more demonstrated his extraordinary musical sense.
Cheered by his longtime, loyal audience is Pippo Pollina on 5 September on the stage from Zurich Volkshaus occurred. With this concert, he takes stock of his 25-year artistic career, which has left in a diverse repertoire of songs deep tracks. The concert was recorded and processed to a Best Of-Cd. The 70 members of the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Zurich gives each composition a particularly fine touch.

Pippo Pollina Fra Due Isole.jpg