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About Dream Catcher

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What do we know about music from Luxembourg anyways? After years of growing closer amongst the euro zone countries, one should assume we know each other's cultures. But when it comes to our small neighbour in the West, we know surprisingly little. So it is time for a little knowledge boost! The formerly white spot on the musical map is now glowing in every colour between Celtic Folk, French chanson and gripping, universally comprehensible pop – just like the country itself.

They are still being talked about as the underdogs, but anyone who has had an eye on the schedules of smaller venues in the past few years has probably already heard of Dream Catcher. The hard-working tour band can look back on eighteen years of band history – as a trio, quartet and sestet. And even before then, they were musically active: the dynamic pop- and rock combo T42 emerged as one of the most iconic bands in Luxembourg in the early 90s. Behind the success: frontman John Rech, who got knighted for his merits five years ago in his home country. After the end of the T42 era, his other project Dream Catcher got into bigger focus. The dream catchers are multilingual – just like their homeland (Luxembourgian, French and English), as well as multicultural, since they bring together the most diverse and best influences from European pop- and folk music.

Their debut EP „Happy In My Tree House“ is a beloved classic for most radio stations in Luxembourg till today. In 2003 they get the gold record for their hit „Deng Hand“, a charity song for leukemia aid. „Sunny Days“ and „When We Were Young“ become their next chart breakers over the following few years and are to be found in the Top 10 of the countries billboard charts. They open shows for Alanis Morissette and Bon Jovi, collaborate with singer songwriter Ezio from Cambridge as well as the Irish folk band Beoga and Luxembourgian jazz protégé Pascal Schumacher.

After a break, during which frontman Rech organizes the anniversary celebrations of his hometown Dudelange, Dream Catcher are starting a new era with Christoph Brill on guitar. The gripping sound of Dream Catcher in its current lineup is also accounted for by Wolfgang Wehner on violin, Eric Falchero on piano and accordion, bass player Claude Zeimes and drummer Steve Krippler. By now the career of the dream catchers has taken a rather cosmopolitan turn: During the past years they have toured in Canada, the United States, Japan, Singapore and played in almost every city in Europe. So the name of their new album „Vagabond“ seems like a logical conclusion. The 12 songs on it are showing off the combos incredible variety, magnificently staged by the yong, Irish producer Sean Graham.

The opener song „Je T'aime À En Mourir“ is a vision from the end of times, beautifully put into a song with a chorus so catchy, it would fit into your favourite pub on the corner without a problem. „Not Too Old To Folk'n'Roll“ is a modern Celtic pop song that tells the story of a father, who gets scolded by his own daughter, that he is too old for folk music. The Irish flair of the song is mirrored also in the sublime pairing of a love story and a wild reel („Mountain Road / Mountain Race“).

A subtly rocking Jacques Brel of the early 1960s is reminiscent in „Au Flamingo Rose“ but with a fiery fiddle to fuel the beat. In „Verluer“ - a dramatic and emotional rock ballad – the band gives a short glimpse into Luxembourgian poetry, supported by Breton rock legend Dan Ar Braz on guitar. The sestets lyrical side comes to light in English as well, when John Rech serenades his „Maria“, only accentuated by the sounds of the piano. And in between all of this two veritable hits: „J'veux Du Soleil Plein La Vie“ with its intricate pizzicato effects and the bouncing sound of the accordion, and the catchy folkpop number „Nanana“ (also the first released single in Germany) both have the potential to become absolute chartbusters.

Dream Catcher are combining the roughness of pub folk rock à la Pogues and the timelessness of acoustic pop ballads – a big discovery from our small neighbours.

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