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Three years after «L'euphorie» and a tour with over 200 shows CARROUSEL are back on the 29th of September with their new album «Filigrane».

The last note of the Euphoriqu’Tour barely rang out before the French-Suisse duel Sophie Burande and Léonard Gogniat began writing new songs. Over 500 shows, three albums and impressions rom around the world left them with many a tale to share. An impressive collection of text fragments, melodies and stories were delicately selected and deliberately developed. Not unlike artisans they connected piece by piece into a whole and finally completed their fourth album «Filigrane» with world class French musicians in the legendary ICP studios in Brussels, where the biggest musicians in France have recorded prior.

«Filigrane» consists of twelve tracks and persuades with originality and diversity - be it optimistic and direct («C’est la vie»), with chansonesque charm («Elle danse») or peppered with hooks that cling to the ear («Plus de couleurs»). The latter track was ennobled by a heavyweight of the pop scene, Michael Ilbert (Boy, Clueso, Mighty Oaks, Philipp Dittberner, Herbert Grönemeyer, Bosse), in the established Hansa Studios in Berlin.

Some songs also stretch their antennae into different directions: Like the seductive «Itinérant», the pulsing «Fin juillet début août» or the melancholic ballad «Papier Buvard» that counts as one of the album’s highlights. Carrousel seem to blend folk and chanson, world music and pop into a mixture that processes a variety of ingredients but never fails to stay recognizable. The Carrousel songs live through the duo’s voices complementing, caressing and drifting in and out of each other. They might alternate or be unified in a duet, but the shared life experience between the two, who met, fell in love and immediately started making music together in southern France, is palpable.

Three minutes often are enough for Carrousel for a convincing song - That’s what made their previous albums «Tandem», «En Equilibre» and «L’euphorie» and this saturation is no different on their newest oeuvre.

It’s obvious that lightness and catchiness aren’t to be confused with Carrousel. They always succeed at giving their songs a special twist.

This familiarity, the safety, this ever lasting energy is noticeable almost palpable - be it on a record or at a concert. They honed their special connection to the audience in Europe and it convinced crowds in the Caucasus and in Asia. Their direct charm and the French levity are the best ambassadors to Carrousel’s music.

«Filigrane» releases on September 29th and has its live premiere in October.


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