Teresa Bergman

New Zealand

‘33, Single & Broke’ - a title and statement in one. New Zealand’s exceptional vocalist and composer, Teresa Bergman, returns with her third studio album; a jazzy folk-pop inferno. 

This is poetic discourse pop at its best. ‘33, Single & Broke’ challenges the listener toward contemplation, whilst maintaining a sense of melodic lightness and groove. Bergman digs deep into the reality for women in their thirties. She is honest, maintaining her reflective humour and closing in on heavy topics with a sense of sophistication. 

She raises her voice for that which is closest to her heart - a voice that is simultaneously a masterful instrument of experimentation. The singer continues to utilise her extensive vocal palette - breaking boundaries with apparent ease whilst transporting the deepest of feelings with a refreshing simplicity. “Your love is like a piece of gum, so tasty till the chewing’s done” - Bergman gives us grounded sentiments to relate to. 

Promotion: Knittel-PR
Booking: Handshake Booking

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33, Single & Broke

release date: 21.10.22

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