Dream Catcher


They are still being talked about as the underdogs, but anyone who has had an eye on the schedules of smaller venues in the past few years has probably already heard of Dream Catcher. The hard-working tour band can look back on eighteen years of band history – as a trio, quartet and sestet. And even before then, they were musically active: the dynamic pop- and rock combo T42 emerged as one of the most iconic bands in Luxembourg in the early 90s. Behind the success: frontman John Rech, who got knighted for his merits five years ago in his home country. After the end of the T42 era, his other project Dream Catcher got into bigger focus. The dream catchers are multilingual – just like their homeland (Luxembourgian, French and English), as well as multicultural, since they bring together the most diverse and best influences from European pop- and folk music.

Booking: Magnetic Music

Current release

Under A Blood Red Ground

release date: 09.06.23

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