Cécile Verny Quartet


The Cécile Verny Quartet has existed for three decades now. If you work together in a tight knit band for such a long period of time, you get to know each other inside out. However, it would be quite a surprise if each band member did not personally develop and discover new things for themselves. In this regard, there has always been a consensus within the band, to preserve traditions, if they are useful, but also to explore new areas without the fear of trying something out.  They want to maintain their personal style, but also further develop as musicians, composers and arrangers. And finally, continue, what has most likely already become somewhat of a habit after all these years: putting one's own talent at the service of the common cause. 

"Of Moons And Dreams" is an album with brilliant songs, an album on which the title is not simply a “place filler”, an album on which ballads and straight groove numbers work together seamlessly.

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Of Moons And Dreams

release date: 17.05.19

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