We're opening an online shop!

In August we will open our own online shop - our range of products from CDs to DVDs and vinyl releases by our artists will not only be available everywhere through our national and international distribution partners, but also directly from us. The orders are packaged and shipped locally by our employees in Germany - so a purchase in our online shop supports us as an independent label directly and immediately.

We also offer our customers in Freiburg and the surrounding area self pick up. You can visit us directly and pick up your order from Monday to Friday on the same day! This saves time and money for our buyers and is also great for the climate. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer our artists on our own and independently. Feel free to visit us directly in the online shop at jazzhaus-shop.de from August 31, 2022, and we can be reached at any time at shop@jazzhaus.de for all matters related to the shop. Visit us!

We are proud to announce the signing of the Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa with her long-term partner, guitarist Bálint Gyémánt, accompanied by the Belgian 'enfants terribles' with bassist Nicolas Thys and drummer Antoine Pierre .

The new album will be released at the end of September 2022 with two singles in advance.


We proudly announce that the Finnish singer and songwriter Ina Forsman has signed a record deal with Jazzhaus Records! 

Watch out for the upcoming singles which will be released constantly this spring. "Right now, my main focus is on releasing new music, and setting a new tempo for my artistry and bringing it to people because I think it's going to be something a bit different to what they've heard before from me."

The new album will be released in summer 2022.



Albumcharts entry of Pippo Pollina in several countries!

Number 2 in Switzerland
Numbe 19 in Germany
Number 19 in Italy
Number 40 in Austria

New album of Fools Garden!

Some of the best stories are written by life itself. Just like Fools Garden’s, the band who pushed Take That from first rank on the “Bravo” charts, shared change rooms with Justin Timberlake and danced the Polonaise with the Spice Girls in Tokyo. In Kaliningrad, they were THE top act during the 750-year town anniversary celebrations and played in front of 100,000 people. During a charity concert in the 30 million metropolis of Chong Qing which was broadcasted by Chinese television, Fools Garden performed in front of more TV watchers than Germany has residents.

CAPTAIN … COAST IS CLEAR will be released 26th November 2021.

Welcome to Jazzhaus Records: Abekejser!

The sound of Danish quartet Abekejser works pretty similar to the eclectic playlists of young digital natives – no one really cares about genre boundaries anymore, as long as the ingredients are fun: Heavy Hip Hop Beats meet gnarly synth sounds, reverb drenched Rock Guitars and a room filling bass. The result is a highly danceable cocktail of Jazztronica and Neo-Soul, whose catchy melodies and hooks reveal their complex structures only after several listens.

The upcoming album "Blueprint" will be released worldwide on November 26th, 2021 through Jazzhaus Records. 

New album of Danny Bryant!

Danny Bryant, one of the UK’s leading and celebrated blues artists, is releasing his twelfth album ‘The Rage To Survive’ on 29 October through Jazzhaus Records. Following on from the critically acclaimed 2019 record ‘Means Of Escape’, this is one of his most heartfelt and powerful records yet.